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Our Process



A well-told story and effective video begins with a plan. We roll up our sleeves, ask questions, and collaborate.
This phase begins with a project kick-off meeting with key stakeholders. This meeting sets the stage and next steps and the Hoopla team puts together a project brief that clearly outline the project and the path to delivery of the video.
Creative concepts, storyboards, and scripts are presented, revised, and finalized with the client.



Production is the fun part. Thoughtful planning has brought us to filming where the Hoopla crew handles everything from setup, to tear down, to coffee runs. Each project is unique and the crew is selected based on the requirements and scope of the project. A production crew often includes the following team members:
· Production Manager
· Director of Photography
· Director
· Gaffer
· Grip
· Sound Engineer
· Makeup Artist



 Hoopla Media has experience working with in-house marketing teams, marketing agencies, or communications teams to ensure that our videos reach and resonate with target audiences. Our videos can compliment other marketing and campaign materials or as standalone projects. 


Pre Production

A successful shoot requires thoughtful planning and organization. Depending on the project, pre-production tasks include:
· Talent Casting
· Set research and location scouting
· Coordinating and scheduling set times, location, and crew
· Permits, if required, are arranged


Post Production

 Filming is complete and the final product is put together. Scenes are cut, sound is mixed, and after effects put the finishing touches on your video. This can include graphics, animation, music sourcing and voice over.
Post-production and delivery of the product may require some revision and conversation with the client. We work with our client to ensure the final product meets (and exceeds) expectations.